AgriFood Trade is a dynamic, international agricultural trading company acting as a principal. We are located in the middle of the Netherlands, not far from the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, and near to Amsterdam Airport. We source and trade all over the world.

Our traders possess many years of experience in working within the entire range of soft-commodities, from and to practically all corners of the world. We are specialist in the commodities in which we deal. Our good understanding of the workings of the international food commodity markets combined with our dedication and professionalism makes us the first option as your global sourcer.

AgriFood Trade works with great care and according to the highest quality standards. We have excellent knowledge of the contract conditions as applied in International Trade and we ensure that every contract is executed properly and in a timely manner. We have always adhered to the policy of making our customers’ interests identical to our own. Clients’appreciation of this has made AgriFood Trade steadily grow over the last years and has turned it into the reliable and professional partner it is today!

In future, AgriFood Trade will continue to grow through continuous innovation, further improving operational processes and even higher service levels.

AgriFoodTrade B.V stands for flexibility, reliability and continuity.