Adzuki beans
Alubia beans
Alubita beans
Baby lima white
Black eye beans
Black beans
Bomba beans
Borlotti beans
Broad beans
Brown beans
Butter beans
Cannellini beans
Cranberry beans
Dark red kidneys

Dutch brown beans
Faba beans
Flageolet beans
Flat white kidneys
Great northerns
Haricot beans
Horse beans
Large black speckled
Large white kidney
Light Red kidneys
Light speckled
Jumbo lima beans
Long white kidneys
Medium white kidneys

Green mung beans
Navy beans
Palmena beans
Pinto beans
Purple speckled kidneys
Red kidneys
Red Speckled kidneys
Rosecocoa beans
Small red beans
Small white beans
Soya beans
Yellow kidneys
White hilum soybeans high protein

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  • Over 1.000MT ready stock of raw material
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  • IFS certified