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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11
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  • Logistics and Packing

AgriFood Trade B.V. offers custom made solutions to the food & feed industry in every way. We provide the clients’ best possible solution for their logistics needs; buying small quantities ex-warehouse or buying large quantities forward are all possibilities. And, AgriFood Trade B.V. cansupply the quality the client desires in the packing he desires. From “farmers dressed” to laser cleaned product which is ready to use.


  • Information

Our traders are in constant communication with a vast number of collectors, packers and exporters of the food commodities we deal in, throughout the world. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with all the necessary information they need in order for them to make the right decisions for their organization.


  • Experience

Through decades of experience in International Trading, AgriFood Trade B.V. knows marketsinside out. We inform and advise the latest developments to our clients, enabling them tobenefit and make the right decisions for their organization.


  • Custom-made solutions

Clients can choose both the quality it desires as well as the packing. From FAQ (Fair AverageQuality) to RTU quality (Ready To Use) and from bulk to retail packing. We offer you custom-made solutions.


  • Clients

National and international food processing companies, distributors, importers and retailers are theclients of AgriFood Trade. We support our clients with high quality products at the best possible price and the highest possible service.


  • Service

Also after the complete execution of a contract we remain in constant deliberation with ourcustomers. To ensure the quality has been as expected, to solve possible imperfections and,more importantly, in order to be able to provide an even higher service-level in the future.

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